Vintage floral girls bedroom makeover

As you know ever since we had our third baby we had to get really creative space wise. We live in a rather small city cottage, and before starting basement renovations we had three bedrooms in between all the kids, us two and the playroom ( plus the living /dining room). So last year once I installed the nursery in the upstairs room next to our master bedroom, I had to put together a shared bedroom for my girls with all their toys and all their clothes in it. I went for the bunk beds and decided to organize a transitional room, that will be for both sleep and play, deciding that the moment our basement will be finished we’ll separate once again the playroom from the bedroom.

Well, we couldn’t be happier- this moment has come! No more mess of toys mixed with clothes, no more bed-changing acrobatics ( bunk beds are the worst if you ask me) and no more uncomfortable story time time on the lower bunk bed.

Here’s the before photo of this room- yes it was cute, but no, it wasn’t what was working for us at all!

before shared bedroom

Girls where asking me to get them two beds to be able to cuddle with us right after I got them the bunks, and I just love the look of two matching beds- because let’s be honest, two matching beds mean double the coziness!

So since this is supposed to be their calm place for sleep , reading and snuggles, I decided to go for a more sweet & vintage vibe.

Not to mention the fact that my girls really asked for a girly room. So the floral decals from Urban Walls have set the tone for this space- with their soft pinks and peaches they look absolutely gorgeous! I love how they are printed, looking almost as if they where painted on the wall, and they where so easy to install – I was done within an hour!

The choice of new girls beds was a no brainer- I wanted a pretty vintage frame, preferably white and most importantly extendable- so I could save as much space as possible!

And the only place offering these kind of beds is Ikea! I love how these beds can be set on three different lengths ( toddler/ big kid/ teen) and that in the end they will turn in to regular twin size!

They come with an extensible mattresses that my girls have unanimously called most comfortable ever- so I’m assured they will sleep well in here!

I have also changed a lamp, for this simple Ikea one– I love the soft light and the classic design of it! See, I wanted something that would lead your eye up ( which always gives an impression of a bigger room) and simple enough to give the new beds and the floral wall all the attention they deserve.

I also added this new wardrobe for all the dresses and sweaters my girls own- it fits perfectly behind the doors and it’s so spacious inside!

As for the little night table I got it from my neighbors who where cleaning their basement and have left in in front of their home on the sidewalk! If you ask me I think it looks so cute with the new metal beds, it adds a bit of whimsy vintage vibe- I couldn’t be happier!

The other side of the room haven’t changed much- except that you won’t find toys falling off the dresser anymore!

I wasn’t as happy doing a makeover in a while now- this room has a vintage floral vibe, is cozy, bright and calming and most of all, well organized!

And my girls are both thrilled to be sleeping in two matching beds in the cutest floral room they have ever seen! And of course, that’s the most important part!

Disclosure- I have been gifted products for this bedroom makeover, all opinions remain exclusively my own.

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