3 healthy lunches with only 2 ingredients

Every January, I feel like eating more healthy and cooking more plant-based meals. 

And every January after around 2-3 weeks I kind of give up. And this year, after all of that COVID life that we went through, I haven’t even pretended that I would try!

I was sick and tired of cooking all the time. Now that me and my hubby both work from home, and with the schools being open on-and-off, it felt as if I moved into the kitchen for good. And while I generally enjoy cooking, at some point enough is enough!

Add to the mix my kids who don’t really like meat but are kind of picky with veggies, and you can imagine the mental state I was starting with this year!

So, I must say I was thrilled when I got to try the Evive’s new lunches! What are they, you must be asking? Well, imagine a plant-based, nutrition-packed, versatile meal, ready in minutes – and then add some amazing flavours to it, and here you have Evive lunches! 

So let me show you how in less than 5 minutes I can create a nutrient-dense, healthy and yummy lunch – times three!

Delicious Quinoa Chili 

  • Evive Bam Chili
  • Cooked rice
  • Favourite toppings (optional) 

Start with cooked rice (I usually cook some over the weekend and keep a bowl of it in a fridge) then top it with the Evive cubes and either reheat for 3 minutes on the stove or in the microwave. That’s it, your lunch is done! Made with natural and simple ingredients like black beans, spices and quinoa, it’s simply so yummy! But, you can also take it to the next level with your favourite toppings. I love adding some avocado, a bit of lime juice, spicy peppers and fresh coriander! 

Creamy Squash Pasta

  • Evive Mac Squash 
  • Cooked pasta of your choice (it’s equally yummy with rice pasta, noodles or italian spaghetti!) 
  • Toppings of your choice (optional)

If you have some cooked pasta and Evive’s lunch cubes, you’ll be ready to go! 

For the simplest version mix cooked pasta with the Mac Squash cubes (made with cashews, butternut squash and turmeric) and steamed broccoli (or another favourite veggie of yours). For a fancy bistro vibe you can get creative and add fresh herbs, some sprouts and spicy peppers. It’s guaranteed to be yummy either way!

Tasty Thai soup

  • Evive Tom Thai 
  • Vegetable broth (or any other you prefer)
  • Toppings of your choice (optional) 

Simply heat your broth with the Evive cubes, stir and enjoy a yummy hot and fragrant soup! Tom Tai is made with edamame beans, zucchini and coconut cream and will satisfy the biggest foodies out here. You can get fancy and add some fresh greens, herbs, and a drop of coconut milk! I like to use steamed bok choy, fresh basil, spicy peppers, and a bit of sriracha sauce! 

Now, once you try these ideas, you’ll see that you can actually use any of the Evive lunches as a soup (mixed with a hot water or broth) or over rice or pasta. The possibilities are simply endless! 

And the best part is that when feeding kids, you know they are eating healthy, but they can’t tell that this “mac n cheese”, or that creamy soup is actually made with incredible vegetables that they would usually discard off their plate! Now, this is what I call a mom hack!

Disclaimer: this post is brought to you in collaboration with Evive, all opinions and enthusiasm remains completely my own!  

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