DIY book crate on wheels

My oldest daughter is such a bookworm, always reading and always asking for new books. So I decided to surprise her and make a DIY rolling book crate for here- aka little liberty on wheels!

It’s a very easy project, and one you can make in one afternoon! I’m showing you the step by step in this little video- though I’ll also explain how I did it, don’t worry!

DIY Book crate on Wheels how to:

First gather your mayerials:

  • simple wood crate
  • leftover of paint
  • a drill
  • wheels with Socket Type Mounting
  • decals

I started with whitewashing my crate- I didn’t really like that yellowish tone of wood, but my daughter didn’t want it completely white either- so whitewashing it is! If you’re wondering what is whitewashing then let me tell you- it’s the easiest way of updating wood surfaces ever. Simply mox paint half in half with water and with a rag wash it over your surface. That’s it! Alos, it dries really fast!

Next, I pre drilled the holes for my wheels, and then I screwed them in.

I found the wheles on amazon- simply look for wheels for furniture and you’ll find plenty to choose from!

Then I went and made some decals with my Cricut- my daughter speaks both french and Polish, and she’s just learning english, so it was her who decided that one side shall be in english and one in french.

And then, it was all done!

All that was left was to fill it with her favourite books, and tadam, tiny library on wheels is all ready! Of course, her younger sibling decided to take over her reading nook when she was in school, but that’s just normal right !

I hope I inspired you to make a little diy book crate on wheels for your kids too!

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