How I fight eczema

Be good to your skin, as it’s the only thing that you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life.

tips and tricks ro fight eczema in kids and adults!

Since I was a teen I struggled with eczema breakouts: sometimes it would start in the fall, after a cold and windy day outside without mittens, and sometimes it would happen after me rushing in the kitchen and not drying my hands correctly. I learned to live with it, though it’s always painful and unpleasant. Now I see that my daughters, have eczema-prone skin too. And when winter comes, it somehow always gets even worse. Sometimes I’d discover my Lili scratching herself so much, she’d bled a little, and my mama heart would break in to thousand pieces seeing it.

So I was looking for products to help us cope with eczema for a while now. And  La Roche- Posay is by far my top pick when it comes to keeping our skin nourished and eczema-free. Though for my Lili, breakouts still happen sometimes. Telling her not to scratch really doesn’t work. And we all know that scratching when you have an eczema breakout makes it worse, and causes even more skin inflammation!

That’s why I’m really exited bout this new Lipikar Stick AP+ , as it’s a great solution to break the scratching reflex, while simultaneously hydrating and soothing the skin! It gives an immediate feeling of relief and it substitutes the scratching gesture.

tips and tricks ro fight eczema in kids and adults!

So now, I want to teach a new gesture to Lili and Rose. Instead of scratching their skin, I remind them to apply this Lipikar Stick AP+ on it, and honestly it works great! It’s really super practical: small enough to be brought anywhere and most of all, small enough to be used by my kids. So whenever we are out and about doing errands, playing in the park or at home snuggling and reading in bed, it’s always easy for them to stop scratching and use that little stick instead!

tips and tricks to fight eczema in kids and adults!


And I really love how these products are safe for both me and my girls, and how efficient they are in fighting our eczema problem! Not to mention that they are hypoallergenic, fragrance free and paraben free!

And so our daily routine consists now of washing our skin with the washing cream Lipikar Syndet AP+, followed by the Lipikar Balm AP+  after bath, and of course the Lipkar Stick AP+ every time during the day my girls feel like scratching.

I already feel that this new winter routine has helped with how our skin looks and feels, and in consequence with how we feel in our own skin, and how we feel in general!

tips and tricks to fight eczema in kids and adults!

tips and tricks to fight eczema in kids and adults!

Disclosure: this post was brought to you by La Roche- Posay, all opinion remain entirely my own.

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