How to take your dining room from drab to fab in 3 simple steps !

Today I want to share with you a very dramatic moody dining room makeover I completed for a local family- The difference between before and after is striking! I’ll be also sharing three simple steps that you too can take to transform your dining room on a budget!

This makeover wouldn’t happen without our amazing sponsors- Livum, Benjamin Moore, Decor Veronneau and Wallpaper Direct!

So, the young family that received this makeover have just recently moved in to their first home- they have an adorable baby girl and as you can imagine their lives have quite drastically changed since she was born. Instead of going out they receive friends and family over and so they needed a dining room that would feel interesting and inviting!

Now, let me show you the before:

So as you can see the room had a great potential-it’s right of the kitchen and has a dwo step drop to the living room- with a great big window with tons of natural light and just the right size to host. The table was handmade by the grandfather and the chairs where great- it was just lacking a bit of vibe. Now, let me show you what I changed here!

The after

The function of this room here is very clear: it’s a gathering room. A room for friends and family, adults mostly for now, to eat together in the evenings. So right away I knew I wanted it to be moody, with a black and white graphic wallpaper on the ceiling. I imagined it as a type of room that reveals it’s full charm in the evening by candlelights – dramatic and enveloping while feeling cozy and inviting!

So the paint I chose for the walls is called Gentleman’s Gray- by Benjamin Moore– I just love how it’s enveloping the room, is such a cozy sophisticated way. It’s really a perfect moody blue!

The wallpaper is from Wallpaper direct – it’s calle Nuvolette– I just love how it adds so much interest and depth in an unexpected way!

I also decided to change the buffet- so we got this gorgeous wood piece called Alsek. It’s designed locally in Montreal from reclaimed pine wood by Lovom, and the wood grain is just insane! Just look at that texture and color, it’s so beautiful. And it adds so much warmth in here. Also, while it’s contemporary in design it also feel classic and timeless!

And as for the gorgeous flower arrangement I decided to go for faux florals from Decor Veronneau– since they look and feel so real they will be adding charm and beauty to this room for years to come! I really think that when designing a room like this flowers are one of the most important decor pieces- and a real looking flower arrangement is just so practical to enjoy for years!

How to transform your dining room in 3 simple steps

  1. Choose an interesting paint colour– a moody one like dark blue or a warm and enveloping one like deep terracotta- the rooms that are usually used in the evening look and feel great with deep dark colours!
  2. Add wallpaper to one wall or to the ceiling– wallpaper always adds depth and interest- if you’re on a budget try facebook marketplace or kijiji- I have bought amazing wallpaper for a fraction of a price this way before! Or go for framed wallpaper as a part of a gallery wall!
  3. Go for a dramatic centerpiece– a large flower arrangement, or an oversized plant in a basket, or a big tray full of candles- dining room is the place for exaggerated accents!

I hope this moody dining room makeover can help you reimagine your own dining room- because remember, you too can transform any space in your home and it doesn’t need to be expensive!


Paint- Benjamin Moore

Wallpaper- Wallpaper Direct

Buffet- Livom

Flowers- Decor Veronneau

Art- Etsy

Frames- Thrifted

Light & chairs- Wayfair

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