One room challenge- Eclectic basement bathroom week one

It’s April and this can only mean one thing in the blogosphere! It’s the spring round of one room challenge! 

Last time I was taking part in ORC o changed my old girls shared bedroom in to by baby boy nursery room. There wasn’t much renovations involved and the most difficult part was installing the removal wallpaper ( thank you hubby!) 

This time around the project couldn’t be more complicated! We’re building the basement bathroom- from scratch! Now our bathroom is actually an empty unfinished basement – we’ll be putting up walls, floors, shower toilet etc within the next 5 weeks! 

But we’re partnering with Home Depot Canada so I’m sure it’ll be finished on time! Yay!

Some inspiration :

My vision for this project is a mix of mid century modern meets eclectic meets bohemian- but let me first show you my inspirations: 

  • First of the tiles. What I’ve been loving lately on Pinterest are the vintage inspired tiles with fun patterns and a bit of colour. This floor from this blog post here, has all my heart :
  • Mid century modern vanity- I absolutely love this look and how it makes a bathroom look more like a room ! And last year I found this old mid century modern piece in kijiji that’ll be transformed in to a bathroom vanity! Yay! And so this mid century modern vanity from this one lovely renovation project is my main inspiration!

  • Gold faucets- I was hesitating for weeks over black or gold faucets! But after looking through countless inspirations i realized that every time I see a gold faucet in a bathroom I smile so gold it is
  • Colour – I’m really in to peach and coral lately, so I’m, plying with an idea of painting the walls ! This peachy colour in this gorgeous bathroom makes me want to add some to our bedroom too!

My plan

So the goal for this project is to go from this to a full finished beautiful bathroom!

And after putting all these ideas together here’s my basement bathroom mood board- mid century modern DIY vanity, cold accents, prettiest tile and a hint of peach !

I can’t wait to get started! Stay tuned for the week one wrap up next week!

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  1. We built a basement bathroom a few years ago for the One Room Challenge and it was tricky to complete on time… and yours looks much larger – so good luck! Like the inspiration and excited to see how it goes 🙂

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