Painted scraps collage


We made this collage couple of weeks ago, on one of these cold winter mornings ( yes we still had winter not that long ago).
I have noticed a pile of her paintings falling of the shelf with craft stuff, and had decided that we could actually reuse them in to something new and fun. If you have kids you probably have lots of old drawings and painting that you are not sure if you should keep them or frow away. I say : reuse !
So I started by cutting long straps from her old paintings. I guess that if your child is a bit older you can let them do it.


Then I gave her glue and paper straps, and showed her how to glue them one next to another. She got it quite fast ;


I really love all projects that recuires concetration and manipulation of small objects, I feel that my toddler is not only having fun but also learning and practicing new skills:) .

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