How to pick the right wallpaper for kids room- ORC week 2

The beginning of every project starts with deep cleaning -and this week of One Room Challenge it was exactly what what I was doing. Cleaning the closets, organizing the clothes, deciding which toys stay and which go. Nothing picture perfect nor even inspiring- just a lot of clothes folding and barbies cleaning!

But I’m really happy because this mean now I can move the furniture out of this room that didn’t work well inhere, and bring in the new/old armoire and start painting it next week! Oh and also, since we liberated the space we can put up the wallpaper too! Woohoo!

Which brings me to the subject of choosing a fun and whimsical and timeless wallpaper for kids rooms! Not an easy task taking in consideration how kids interests change and how once you put a real wallpaper up you better love it because it’s not going down that easy ( not to mention the fact that the good thing is usually not cheap either!

But I love how much character and depth a wallpaper can add to the room! It’s actually the easiest way to make a room feel finished and interesting!

So when Wallpaper Direct agreed to collaborate with me on this project, I have spend days upon days on their website trying to choose the best wallpaper that would fit my girl, her character, this room light, and the decor plan!

While I have finally set up for the colorful fairies one, there where so many others that I absolutely loved that I decided I’ll do a small round up for you, and maybe that way I could help you choosing wallpaper for your kids room!

  1. Colorful fairies wallpaper
  2. Black and white fairies wallpaper
  3. Cactus flower wallpaper
  4. Little pink flower wallpaper
  5. Asian fruit and flower wallpaper
  6. Blue Anemone wallpaper
  7. Yellow tulips wallpaper
  8. Animal alphabet
  9. Madagascar green wallpaper
  10. Bunnies and flowers wallpaper

If I could I would choose each and every one of them! Let me know if you decide to use any of these ok? I’d love too see them in a cute kids room!

Disclosure; I have been gifted with wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct but all opinions and enthusiasm remain entirely my own!

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