Free eBook “Cook Bake & Be happy!”

cook bake and be happy

Soon it will be two years that I blog, and what a better way to celebrate than to offer a free eBook, right? I’ve put together my most popular and widely repined recipes and kid activities, for you to enjoy in one pretty, downloadable and free eBook!

This slightly kitschy title “Cook, Bake an Be Happy” is a quintessence of my homemaking approach: preparing uncomplicated, healthy and yummy food, baking fresh an delicious treats, and playing with kids!

I’m really happy to share with you my best recipes and crafts, and I hope that you’ll find some new inspiration in it.

To open it, just click here!

So if you like what you see , what won’t you let your friends know?

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And it would be great if we could stay in touch! You can subscribe to my blog, or stalk me on my social media ! I can’t promise you a new, free ebook each week, but I do promise to keep up with parenting tips, recipes and crafts!

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