Family photo gallery wall hack

If you have been here for awhile now you know I love gallery walls- in our old house we had a ton of them! But even though I can mix and match frames and prints like my life depends on it I’m hopeless when it comes to making a family photo gallery wall. Not that I haven’t tried- when my first daughter was one I printed out 3 of my favorite pics and put them in frames- but the quality wasn’t amazing, and the size of photos in the frames was totally off. And while I love making photos and I love making photo books, the action of printing the right size of photos. making sure the quality is good for the size and then finding the right frames was just a bit beyond me.

But a couple of weeks ago Best Canvas reached out to me to see if I’d like to test their products- and you know I jumped on the occasion! Because yes I do have a ton of my favorite family pics- I just never got to hang them!

And this gallery wall was the easiest ever to make- it actually feels like a photo gallery hack! I uploaded my favourite photos. Choose between canvas prints or framed photos. Then I choose my frame colours. They got shipped to my doorstep printed and ready to be hang! And that’s it!

And I just love how our dark upstairs hallway looks right now! Before it was just a blah space between our bedrooms and the kids bathroom that we’d pass in a rush- and now it’s a lovely spot with framed pictures, filled with memories and love that we linger around when passing through!

Disclosure- I have been gifted this gallery wall by Best Canvas – however my love for it and enthusiasm are entirely my own! And if you’d like a family gallery wall too, you can use my code JoannaAnastasia15 for 15% off canvas prints – to use on top of their existing sales!

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