Simplefied chicken cacciatore


Here is an all time favorite of mine but in a simpler then the classic version. My family loved this jusy , fresh and flavourful dinner, and I’m sure you’ll love it too !

2 chicken breast
2 onions
1/2 cup of mushrooms
1big can of hole Italian tomatoes
Fresh thyme
Fresh parsley
1 cup of white wine
3 garlic cloves
Kalamata olives
Olive oil

Cook chicken cut in cubes, on olive oil until golden, then set it aside. Now cook onions cut in stripes,when golden add mushrooms, and after around 3 minutes garlic, and then vine. Let it cook for couple of minutes, and then add tomatoes, chicken and thyme. Let it mingle for around 20 minutes on low heat. Before serving add olives and parsley. You can serve it like me with fresh and crunchy bread, or with pasta. Both ways it’ll be delicious !

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