Staying positive this winter

staying positive this winter

When you live in a cold Canadian climate then you know that winters are long, cold and dark. That after the initial excitement of first snow and decorating for the holidays, the days are getting darker and everyone get’s sick. That when the temperature drops and there’s less light outside, it’s just so difficult to stay positive! And that the more you feel down, the easier it is to get sick and feel even worst.

That’s why, after a couple of cold, dark and long Montreal winters, I feel like staying positive this winter is my biggest goal. Because we all now that you can’t pour from an empty cup, and as a mother, when your morals are low, so is everybody else.

And I found, that one of the most importation components of feeling positive is staying healthy as a family. Because once the kids get sick, they stop sleeping well, once they stop sleeping, I get exhausted and prone to get sick myself, and once that happens, the home turns in to chaos.

But it’s not only that. The colder and darker days make me want to sty at home with my family. Especially if we feel a bit sick, we’ll be probably staying home all day. But the lack of sunlight and fresh air makes me feel sad and negative. And that’s a vicious circle.

staying positive this winter

staying positive this winter

staying positive this winter

staying positive this winter

So here’s my plan for staying positive this winter:

1. Go out and have a small walk every day.

Fresh air and sunlight are in-replaceable. Even a 15 minute walk will make everyone feel better! Even during the cold weather make it your habit do dress warm and go for a small walk!

2. Prevent the sickness.

This winter I’m using ColdQ on repeat in order to avoid getting sick in the first place! I carry it around with me, to never forget it, and I make using it my habit. Since it’s an all natural spray, it hits the germs and viruses right where they’re at, and it’s so easy to use on the go. And so I’ts been over a month now that I keep it in my purse, and even though my kids got a bit sick, I managed to stay healthy and did’t got their virus! So I think it worked for me so far! ( you can read more about how it works and why I love it here!)

3. Eat more healthy and less comfort food.

As much as heavy and comforting meals are what we prefer during the colder days, it’s actually the healthy diet that helps us feeling full of energy and positive. So I plan lot’s of soups and healthy grains, veggies and green smoothies!

And with all that in mind, I hope that these cold and dark months will pass by fast, and I’m sure we just might avoid getting sick and feeling down!

staying positive this winter

Disclosure: This article was brought to you by ColdQ, all opinions remain my own.

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